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Professional Guitar Repair & Instrument Maintenance

At Adam's Music Studio, it is critical for students to learn how to properly care for their instruments, so they last a lifetime. From guitar repair to instrument set-ups, we are happy to show you how to maintain your instruments. Contact us to schedule music lessons in Orange, California.

Repair & Maintenance

Our team provides basic repairs and maintenance for a variety of instruments. If you have a stringed instrument, we specialize in restringing and performing modifications to stage damage. For those who prefer to do the work themselves, we are happy to share information on making repairs.

Helpful Tips

Our instructors are always looking out for our students and offer helpful tips regarding proper instrument care. When the weather is especially hot or dry, do not to leave instruments in cars. If your instrument is made of wood and gets too hot or dry, it can crack or develop fret problems, which will affect the sound. If you have any additional questions about instrument care, we are always happy to help.

Instrument Repair