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Personalized Music Lessons for the Whole Family

If you want to take your guitar-playing abilities to the next level or schedule piano lessons, turn to Adam's Music Studio. Our full-service music school in Orange, California, also sells instruments and handles repairs. Whether you want to learn how to play an instrument as a hobby, or are hoping to make a career out of music someday, we can show you how to enhance your natural talent. Education is our main priority.

Guitar, Keyboard and Banjo Lessons

Improving Your Music Skills

Our instructors tailor music lessons based on playing level and each person's individual needs and goals. We incorporate various music styles and tastes to keep students engaged and interested during every class. Additionally, we teach both the mechanical fundamentals of music and the more creative, artistic side of playing. Levels of instruction range from beginner to advanced in all styles of music, including rock, jazz, and blues. The variety of lessons available at Adam's Music Studio includes:

 » Guitar
 » Banjo
 » Bass
 » Dobro
 » Piano
 » Keyboards
 » Drums
 » Mandolin
 » Dulcimer
 » Harmonica
 » Voice